Mobile Development

At SureProgramming we specialize in mobile development. We can create custom software for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. We have worked extensively with to develop mobile utilities that people can use to help them with their daily activities. We have also done extensive work with ProxieChat to help them develop their social networking application. Our goal is to develop easy-to-use cross-platform mobile applications that allow you to do business anywhere you go from the palm of your hand. If you are looking for a custom mobile application, we can help!

Web Development

At SureProgramming we stay on top of current web development strategies. The web is constantly evolving and staying on top of the latest trends can be difficult. SureProgramming can help you meet your customers expectations when it comes to your website. We will help you make your website look beautiful both in the browser on a desktop or from a mobile phone. We can also help you setup a content management system to allow you to push content to your website. This will turn the control back over to YOU, the website owner.

Custom Development

Often in today's world, the software you need simply does not exist. Do you want to make a job easier? We can help! If you find your doing repetitive tasks that you believe could be automated, we can help you break those processes down and write programs to help automate what you may be doing manually. We also have the ability to monitor specific tasks and determine why they're taking so long to execute. We have a great deal of experience in different programming languages so we can quickly adapt to your environment. At SureProgramming, we have the ability to create custom applications for either mobile phones or desktop computers.

Computer Support

Is your system running slow? Are you afraid you may have a virus? Do you need to set-up a network? At SureProgramming we help small to medium-size businesses deal with these every day problems. We can help restore, clean and configure your system back to working order. We can also help prevent any future problems by making sure your systems being backed up appropriately and has all the needed security measures in place.